Sound the Alarm for Kids Toolkit

Sound the Alarm for Kids Toolkit

Learn how to engage in a national effort to raise awareness of the mental health crisis in children and teens.

CHA has launched a communications initiative to raise awareness regarding the current situation in children and teens' mental health by declaring a national mental health emergency. The Sound the Alarm for Kids initiative is multifaceted and primarily focuses on urging Congress to enact legislation and increase funding to address this situation. Your organization can join the effort.


Below are helpful members-only resources:



National Mental Health Emergency

Spanish language documents

Sound the Alarm for Kids digital

Congressional hearings and briefings

Dec. 14 materials


  • WTOP radio ad
  • Sound The Alarm Video 1
  • Sound The Alarm Video 2

Fact sheets

Quote from Amy Knight, President of CHA

“It’s an absolute crisis. We came together with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists to sound the alarm on this. We pay a lot of attention to children’s health, and we often think about physical health. If any of us saw symptoms in our childrena fever, a coughwe would take them to a doctor and have them checked out. As a country, as a community and as families, we need to recognize the early signs of mental and behavioral health issues. We can prevent these things from escalating, and we can do more to take care of kids early on and make sure their mental health is taken care of with their physical health.”


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