Meet Michael: A Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital Champion

Meet Michael: A Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital Champion

During Family Advocacy Day, Michael and his family will discuss his health journey, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital's role in providing him with necessary care, and why we must invest in the future of patients like Michael.
Michael, a Maria Fareri Children’s
Hospital champion.

When Michael was 13, he had a grand mal seizure at home.

“We were immediately filled with panic and fear,” says Gina, Michael’s mother. “We wanted to know what the cause was.”

He was diagnosed with a seizure disorder, following a series including an MRI of the brain, EEGs and blood work. Currently, he is followed by a pediatric neurologist and remains on medication. This also includes regular MRIs of the brain and EEGs.

Today, Michael is doing well and remains seizure free. In his free time, he loves drawing and making art.

Family Advocacy Day

Elevating patient stories and educating lawmakers remains critical to increase awareness about the essential care provided by children's hospitals.