Family Advocacy Day 2024: Team CHA

Family Advocacy Day 2024: Team CHA

Patients and their families will meet with federal policymakers and their staff to increase awareness and advance public policy priorities to support children's health and health care.

This year’s Family Advocacy Day theme, Team CHA, captures our shared journey toward improving and strengthening pediatric care. Just as Olympic athletes unite under their national flags, Family Advocacy Day brings together pediatric patients, families, and health care professionals under one banner.

From June 12-14, patients and their loved ones shared their stories with members of Congress in Washington, D.C., underscoring the need to create a better tomorrow for children with medical complexities.

This year, Team CHA focused on the following public policy priorities:

  • Strengthening and protecting the pediatric health care workforce, including doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals, and investing in training to ensure the timely delivery of comprehensive and specialized care to children and teens across the country.
  • Enhancing Medicaid support to provide an adequate and consistent financing stream and framework for the pediatric provider workforce that provides access to needed care for children, including when out-of-state care is medically necessary.
  • Addressing the mental health crisis facing our youth and encouraging robust investment to expand children’s access to a full range of pediatric mental and behavioral health services, as well as to grow the pediatric mental and behavioral health workforce to deliver this essential care.

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