Child Health Advantage Membership

Child Health Advantage Membership

Learn more about the benefits of Child Health Advantage membership and how to enroll.

The Child Health Advantage program is a not-for-profit physician buying group (PBG) under Children’s Hospital Association (CHA), sharing the organization’s mission of being champions for children’s health.

The advantage of a physician buying group

A physician buying group gives providers the power to purchase vaccines, supplies, and services at the most favorable prices. Rather than buying discounted vaccines or functioning as a distributor, physician buying groups negotiate contracts with vaccine manufacturers to get the best available prices for its members.

Membership benefits

Through partnership with major vaccine suppliers, CHA provides access to the best pricing for all pediatric, adolescent, and adult vaccinations, including flu, RSV, and COVID-19. Additionally, Child Health Advantage partners with the largest group purchasing organization (GPO), Provista, to provide the best pricing on medical and office supplies, capital equipment, IT, and more.

Membership requirements

Membership is open to physician practices, offices, and networks, including clinics and urgent care centers. Participation in the program is free. Members can choose the agreements that best fit their organization without minimum purchasing requirements.

Share back program

The Child Health Advantage program earns Administrative Service Fees (ASF) from all suppliers; however, as a not-for-profit, the program shares back a leading 75% of the service fees to member organizations that meet eligibility requirements.

To be eligible for a share back, an office must:

  • Have a rebate total greater than $250 for the semi-annual reporting period.
  • Follow the compliance measurements set by the vaccine suppliers.

Enrolling in the program

To participate in the Children Health Advantage program, complete the enrollment form.

In addition to Child Health Advantage enrollment, vaccine suppliers have their own enrollment processes, which CHA can help with.

Once an office joins the Child Health Advantage program, CHA will work with the vaccine suppliers to connect the account to the Child Health Advantage contracts. Orders can be made directly through the vaccine manufacturers (GSK Direct, Vaccine Shoppe, etc.) or through an authorized distributor.


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Learn more about Child Health Advantage and how to enroll.

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