Mental Health Disorder Codes

Mental Health Disorder Codes

Download the codes from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Disorders Classification System (CAMHD-CS).

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Disorders Classification System (CAMHD-CS) classifies child mental health disorders across ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnostic codes and aligns with DSM-V psychiatric diagnosis groups.

Specifically, the CAMHD-CS codes include:

  • 24 mental health disorder groups, including suicide or self-injury
  • Two maternal/child mental health-related categories
  • Maternal mental illness or substance abuse during pregnancy, delivery or post-partum
  • Fetal or newborn damage related to maternal substance abuse
  • Four mental health-related problem groups
  • Accidental or undetermined poisoning
  • Substance abuse-related medical illness
  • Child mental health symptom
  • Miscellaneous, such as academic underachievement 

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