COVID-19 and Kids

COVID-19 and Kids

The Facts About COVID-19 and Children

Read the latest data on kids' COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and vaccination numbers.

May 06, 2022

COVID-19 Policy Resources for Children's Hospitals

Find CHA policy tools and advocacy response resources, as well as federal, state and other external policy-related resources.

May 19, 2022

4 Ways the Pandemic Affected Childrens Hospitals

Data shows how the pandemic affected children's hospitals.

Jan. 27, 2022

COVID-19 Congressional Relief Legislation

Multiple packages for COVID-19 relief have passed to date. Read more about them here.

Jan. 27, 2022

Principles for a Child-appropriate Disaster and Pandemic Response System

These principles meet children's health care needs in a national framework for disaster and pandemic response.

Jan. 21, 2022

COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Timeline

This chart contains information on the various COVID-19 emergency declarations that include the timeline, processes for renewal and current expiration dates.

Jan. 21, 2022

CY 2022 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule

The CY 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) proposed rule proposes several policy changes related to telehealth and vaccine administration rates.

Aug. 20, 2021

Eligible Uses of State COVID-19 Relief Funds

The Treasury Department has released an interim final rule that delineates the eligible uses of COVID-19 state relief funds.

June 08, 2021

COVID-19 Provider Relief Fund Summary

COVID-19 relief legislation appropriated $178 billion to distribute to hospitals and health care providers supporting the nation's coronavirus pandemic response efforts.

March 05, 2021

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