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  • May 1, 2020

Guidance for Pediatric Patient Care Reengagement

On April 16, the White House released a national readiness and phasing framework to support social and commercial reengagement. This framework was extended further by CMS clinical and operational guidance to providers on April 20. The combined federal guidance informs a roadmap to a health care reengagement based on sentinel indicators around COVID-19 incidence and the presence of protective measures across care delivery settings.

Incorporating this guidance into a pediatric framework representative of children’s health and health care needs, addresses how children’s hospitals and health system re-engage in the context of a post-COVID society. Timely diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of congenital, acute and chronic conditions during a child’s physiologic development is key to lifetime health outcomes. And it is essential to ensure that the principles of child and family-centered care are fully incorporated and aligned with these new expectations.