Group Purchasing and Supply Chain

As the recognized industry leader in purchasing programs for children's hospitals, CHA offers the nation’s only pediatric supply chain program designed for and by the experts at children’s hospitals. 

We are committed to finding innovative ways to reduce supply and services expenses, which account for a considerable portion of a hospital's operating expense. And, through collaboration with member hospitals, we connect purchasing information with operational and clinical utilization data, to arm pediatric supply chain professionals with the information they need to reduce costs while delivering the highest quality of care. 

  • Supply Chain Services

    Children's hospitals leverage their volume purchasing power to reduce supply costs through a comprehensive portfolio of national purchasing agreements.

  • Purchased Services

    This program allows children's hospitals to gain efficiencies and achieve better pricing on commonly purchased services such as temporary staffing, equipment maintenance and more.

  • Value Analysis

    This program enables hospitals to work collaboratively to identify the most effective products for pediatric patients.

  • Child Health Advantage

    Child Health Advantage is a purchasing program for physician practices that offers significant price savings on a broad portfolio of products and services, including vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical supplies, capital equipment and business services.


Research Report

Pediatric drug shortage trends and seven mitigation strategies to protect supply.