The Pediatric Health Information System®, a comparative pediatric database, includes clinical and resource utilization data for inpatient, ambulatory surgery, emergency department and observation unit patient encounters for more than 49 children's hospitals.  


PHIS supports a wide range of improvement activities including clinical effectiveness, resource utilization, care guideline development, readmission analysis, antimicrobial stewardship, physician profiling (OPPE) and more.  Hospitals can identify areas to improve clinical care, enhance financial outcomes, improve clinical documentation and perform research.


  • Data - patient abstract, diagnoses (ICD-9/10), procedures, billed transactions, utilization 
  • Patient types - inpatient, observation, ambulatory surgery, emergency department
  • Transparency - unblinded hospital ID, ability to blind local competitors


  • Executive-level reports highlight trends based on key children’s hospital metrics
  • Drill-down capability allows for the identification of improvement opportunities
  • 100+ standard reports
  • Ad hoc reporting capability

Eligibility and enrollment

New hospitals can join the program at any time. For more information, email

Success Story

Dell Children’s operated in 2018 with the lowest percentage of excess days for six commonly treated conditions.