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  • June 10, 2020

HHS Distribution of CARES Act to Date Has Overlooked Our Nation's Children's Hospitals

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Children's Hospitals Have Received Less Than 1% of Funding

WASHINGTON, DC — This week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced $25 billion of CARES Act COVID-19 relief funding to Medicaid providers and safety net hospitals. These distributions provide much needed support to many doctors caring for children in our communities and to many hospitals caring for our most vulnerable adult populations. With an additional $10 billion also set aside for added hotspot relief funding, HHS has allocated $112 billion of the $175 billion legislated in the CARES Act. They have also provided over $80 billion in advanced payments to providers caring for Medicare patients, generally seniors over 65 years of age.

Children's hospitals have mostly been left out of these disaster relief allocations.

Of the more than $190 billion in COVID-19 relief funding allocated to health care providers to date, children's hospitals have received less than 1%. This is alarming and puts at risk the important role they serve in our communities. Like every hospital across the country, children's hospitals answered the call to respond to the pandemic, and like every hospital, they are experiencing significant revenue shortfalls and increased costs. Most children's hospitals rely heavily on Medicaid—covering generally 50-75% of their patients—and are the nation's safety net for our most vulnerable children. Children's hospitals are the only major hospital sector left without material support in the COVID-19 crisis. They deserve the Administration's attention and must receive immediate relief through a designated children's hospital allocation.

On behalf of children's hospitals, we ask the Administration and HHS to step up and take care of these essential hospitals for children, and we ask congressional leaders lend their voices to this important cause.

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