Recommendations for Grassroots Mobilization

There are no better voices for children’s health care needs in health reform than those of the parents, family members, physicians and other health care professionals who care for children and care about their health. That is why the Children’s Hospital Association, with the support of its more than 200 member hospitals and supporting organizations, is launching Speak Now for Kids.

Speak Now for Kids is an online network where people who care about kids can connect and be part of a movement to affect positive change for children’s health care. As part of a community, champions for children’s health learn about issues affecting kids’ health; read and share stories as well as information; and take action in support of public policies that benefit kids and families.

Below is a list of ways to engage your children’s hospital’s grassroots network in the national effort to raise public awareness of the unique challenges children and families face in our changing health care system.

Mobilize Advocates to Speak Now for Kids on October 14 and Beyond

  • Send a system-wide request to all employees, boards, volunteers, medical school affiliates and community partners asking them to join
  • Post the Speak Now for Kids Web button on your web site and link it to
  • Distribute and post the Speak Now for Kids campaign flyer and fact sheet throughout your hospital. There is a space on the left side of the flyer for you to drop in a hospital logo if you choose. 
  • Set up computers in your lobby, cafeteria or waiting rooms to allow employees, families and guests immediate access to take part in the campaign. Distribute stickers to families once they have signed up with Speak Now for Kids.
  • Encourage other hospital departments to share information about the campaign when representing your hospital at upcoming meetings, conferences and community events by incorporating a PowerPoint slide about Speak Now for Kids into their presentations.
  • Provide information to hospital employees through your internal communications such as newsletters, intranet and e-mail.
  • Post an alert about the Speak Now for Kids campaign on your closed circuit TV broadcasts directing viewers to share their stories on the Speak Now for Kids website.
  • Share information with your hospital’s parent advisory groups and other support groups that may meet in your facility.
Use Facebook and Twitter to Speak Now for Kids

  • Like the Speak Now for Kids Facebook page and encourage individuals to also like the page.
  • Provide a link to on your hospital’s Facebook wall.
  • Follow @speaknowforkids on Twitter.
  • Post messages on your hospital's Twitter and Facebook accounts throughout the campaign and encourage your followers to participate in Speak Now for Kids.
Speak Now for Kids on Hospital Blogs

If you hospital contributes to or has a blog, promote Speak Now for Kids, asking your readers to participate in this timely campaign.


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