• March 15, 2018

Pediatric Residency Programs: Engaging Communities

Primary Children's Hospital Residency Program

Bhanu Muniyappa, M.D., went above and beyond the residency requirements of Primary Children's Hospital to make a major impact on the Utah community. 

Residents at Primary Children's Hospital"My co-resident and I started a cooking class at the Boys & Girls Club during our second year of residency. We knew that we wanted to start a healthy cooking class for teens, but we didn't have funding, so we needed an organization that had a budget and a kitchen. We called several local organizations and ended up forming a connection with the teen director at the Boys & Girls Club. 

We started our classes with concrete lesson plans and eventually evolved into just bringing healthy and unique ingredients and having the teens be creative to make what they wanted. Our best classes were probably the 'chopped' style competitions — everyone always had so much fun! 

This was one of my best residency experiences. Getting into the community every month was a nice reprieve from the grind of the hospital, and it was a great opportunity to become mentors to some of these teens. Not only did we teach them a little bit about healthy cooking, but we were also able to answer questions about how we got involved in our medical careers. It was a reminder that pediatrics is more than caring for the health of children in the hospital and clinic — it is also about getting into the community and connecting with kids." 

Dr. Muniyappa is a chief resident at Primary Children's Hospital.

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