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  • November 9, 2015

New Pediatric Analytic Solutions Expands Data and Participation Options

The Children's Hospital Association will roll out a new Pediatric Analytic Solutions portfolio in 2016, providing all member hospitals with more options for benchmarking. Encompassing care services, financial and operational data, the expanded data options offer a more complete picture of pediatric health care services.

"There are big opportunities ahead to learn from children's hospitals big data," said Richard Stepanek, CHA's CIO. "CHA has been the leader in pediatric data, and we are committed to providing the next level of analytic sophistication and data integration for all our hospitals to better identify opportunities for improvement and measure outcomes through the continuum of care."

Financial and Operational Suite

Aggregate financial /operational data allow hospital leaders to assess cost reduction opportunities while looking at the potential impact on patient care, as well as

  • Develop strategies to improve operating margin
  • Improve productivity by evaluating peer staffing strategies
  • Identify population health reimbursement opportunities

CHA will introduce a new program, PROSPECT, to offer more timely and relevant inpatient nursing, department and hospital-level information to help strategic planners, and finance and operational leads assess cost reduction opportunities while looking at the impact on patient care. 

CHA also will continue to offer the Annual Benchmarking Survey for all member hospitals.

Care Services Suite

This suite enables hospitals to evaluate care delivery and advance population health. It also allows clinical and quality leaders to 

  • Identify, quantify and analyze resource utilization variation
  • Develop care guidelines to ensure quality metrics are achieved
  • Conduct health services research specifically for pediatric populations
CHA's flagship program, the Pediatric Health Information System (PHIS), will be enhanced in 2016 with new data including laboratory, microbiology and radiology results. This will allow participants to more fully understand how treatments impact patient outcomes. Early adopter hospitals will have advanced access to this data. 

Pediatric Quality Measurement System and Children's Hospital Neonatal Database also are part of this suite. 

Legacy data programs will transition into these consolidated suites to offer more integrated data analysis. More information on the 2016 data programs will be released in the coming months. 

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