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  • November 14, 2017

Leadership Tip: What it Means When a Team Member Says Something Isn't Doable

Dave Atkinson, M.D., is no stranger to a challenge. As the medical director of the Teen Recovery Program at Children's Health in Dallas, he treats substance abuse disorder and addiction in partnership with patients and parents to help teens overcome a condition that can be uncomfortable for most people to talk about. But no matter what area of pediatric health care you work in, Atkinson says everyone should all look out for the same red flag: team members who look at a challenge and say, "Don't even try to change that problem. It will never get better; it's too hard."

"Anytime someone says, 'We can't tackle this problem,' it should be a red flag," Atkinson says. "Often, it means it's such a big problem that it scares them, and their way of pushing it out of their head is saying that it is not doable."

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