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  • September 20, 2017

Hospital CEO Perspective: Organizational Values Define Culture

As president and CEO of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Peggy Troy, RN, M.S.N., keeps a close eye on the horizon so she and her team can anticipate and tackle change in today's complex health care environment. But presence in the moment is important as well, and Troy says values should permeate everything you do, every day, at the individual and institutional level. Here's her perspective:

Show your passion

"As a person or a business, your values define you. Actions associated with your values demonstrate your passion and show how much you care about your work, the people you serve and the people with whom you work. Making a commitment to your organization's values is one of the most important things you can do and having clearly defined values helps everyone understand the behaviors that make your organization special."

Stay focused

"Children's Hospital of Wisconsin lives by five values: purpose, collaboration, integrity, health and innovation. They're present at every level of our organization. These values guide our culture and simplify the decision-making process. Most importantly, they encourage all of us to stay focused on our most important work—acting in service to children and families."

Leadership matters

"To create a strong culture, values must be modeled throughout the organization, from the bedside nurse to the CEO. Our values were introduced in 2013 throughout the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin system. Since then, they have been celebrated and reinforced at workshops called "At Our Best." All leaders, providers and staff are invited to attend at least one of these two-day sessions, in which they'll learn about our core values and guiding behaviors and how to apply them to their life and work. While we understand taking two days off work is a big commitment, we believe they are an investment in our staff, our culture and ultimately, the kids and families we serve."

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