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  • November 21, 2016

Essential Hospitals Institute: A Road Map to Community Integrated Health Care

This is CHA’s summary of the following resource.

Report: A Road Map to Community Integrated Health Care
Source: Essential Hospitals Institute
Date: November 2016
Length: 9 pages


Essential Hospitals Institute, the research division of America’s Essential Hospitals, recently published A Road map to Community Integrated Care, a brief guide with strategic steps and illustrative examples from their member hospitals for transitioning to a population health approach. Additionally, available is their longer report, Findings from Moving to Action for Hospitals and Population Health which provides the findings from the research project they undertook to develop the Road Map. 

The findings document looks at the topic of population health through five categories: Finding an Appropriate Role, Building a Foundation for Population Health, Beyond the Hospital Walls, Measuring Population Health and Financing Population Health. It also includes their detailed methodology and survey results. 

A Road Map to Community Integrated Health Care

The steps outlined in the Road Map to Community Integrated Health Care are: 

Build a Foundation
– focuses on strategy, measuring readiness and planning for change with the following categories: 
  • Commit to population health 
  • Assess hospital readiness and community need
Assemble and Align Essential Resources – focuses on staffing and training for population health, engaging in and sustaining partnerships, building Health IT infrastructure and pursuing alternate payment models with the following categories:
  • Develop workforce capacity
  • Engage in multisector partnerships
  • Implement appropriate health IT systems and analysis
  • Establish sustainable funding
Implement Community Integrated Health Care – focuses on community engagement and sustainability planning with the following category: 
  • Systematically adapt and react to community needs