• Letter or Testimony
  • June 15, 2017

CHA and Allied Kids Groups Send "Jimmy Kimmel Test" Letter to Sen. Cassidy, R-La.

On June 12, CHA and allied kids groups sent a letter to Sen. Cassidy, R-La., as a follow up to his recent Jimmy Kimmel Live interview. The letter urges Sen. Cassidy to apply the "Jimmy Kimmel test" to any health care proposal that comes before the Senate. 

Conditions of this test include:

  • All children must have continuous, consistent coverage
  • Medicaid coverage for children and pregnant women must be specifically protected
  • All families must have coverage that is affordable
  • All children must have access to the full range of age-appropriate health care providers
  • All children must receive quality health care

The letter concludes that the House version of the AHCA fails the "Jimmy Kimmel test" due to projected loss of coverage, especially in Medicaid, and loss of access to quality and comprehensive care. Additionally, the letter stresses the need to ensure the Senate version of the AHCA improves, rather than harms, children's health coverage.