• Issue Brief
  • June 9, 2016

Support FY 2017 Funding for CHGME

Children’s hospitals urge Congress to fully fund the Children’s Hospitals Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) program at its authorized level of $300 million for FY 2017.

Children’s hospitals thank Congress for a long history of support for the CHGME program. 
  • The FY 2016 Omnibus Appropriations bill included $295 million for CHGME, the first increase in program funding since 2010. 
  • In June, the Senate Appropriations Committee recommended increasing CHGME funding for FY 2017 to $300 million. 
Increased funding will help children’s hospitals maintain and expand vital training programs and protect gains in pediatric health.

The CHGME program supports child health nationally by funding the training of pediatric providers at freestanding children’s hospitals. A robust pediatric workforce is essential to ensuring that no child lacks access to high quality medical care. CHGME recipient hospitals – only 1 percent of all hospitals – train approximately half of the nation’s pediatricians and pediatric specialists, more than 6,000 annually. CHGME has been key to developing and maintaining training programs that target the unique needs of children.

While CHGME has been successful in improving access to care, much remains to be done. Unfortunately, funding to train doctors to serve children has not kept pace with need. Serious pediatric workforce shortages persist, most acutely among pediatric subspecialties. Localized shortages of pediatric primary care also continue, particularly in rural areas and other underserved communities.

Furthermore, our nation’s commitment to children’s health care still lags behind our investment in adults with respect to workforce training. The average CHGME payment per full-time equivalent (FTE) resident represents only approximately 45 percent of what Medicare GME provides.

With strong support for CHGME, we can further address pediatric workforce shortages which put at risk access to care for children, particularly among pediatric specialists.

Now is the time to take a step forward in kids’ health and fully fund the CHGME program at its authorized level of $300 million for FY 2017.

CHA contact: John Knapp, (202) 753-5366