• Letter or Testimony
  • May 25, 2017

CHA Responds to Senate Finance Chair's Request for AHCA Feedback

On May 23, CHA responded to a request from Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) for stakeholder feedback on the AHCA. CHA emphasized that the house-passed  bill is a setback for child health and that several provisions in the AHCA would be disastrous for our nation’s children. The letter reiterated key principles related to safeguarding funding, coverage and benefits for children that should guide lawmakers in any discussions:

  • Funding: Medicaid funding for children’s health care should be maintained, not capped or block-granted.
  • Benefits: Continue requirements that all children receive pediatric-specific benefits providing medically necessary care determined by their physician.
  • Funding: Ensure all funding for children, including blind and disabled children, is clearly identified.
  • Coverage: Health care coverage for children should be sustained.

CHA also joined with other groups in submitting a separate letter as a part of the Partnership for Medicaid. Highlights of that letter include the need to protect the Medicaid program and to avoid shifting costs to the states and providers.

Contact: John Knapp