• Talking Points
  • January 5, 2018

Support the ACE Kids Act (S. 428, H.R. 3325)

  • Medicaid covers over 30 million children. Six percent of these children have complex medical conditions requiring ongoing and specialized care, and account for 40 percent of Medicaid spending on children. As we work to improve the Medicaid program for all kids, we need to ensure this population can access the coordinated care they need to reduce the burden on their families, improve quality of care and lower costs.
  • The ACE Kids Act of 2017 (S. 428, Grassley/Bennet, H.R. 3325, Barton/Castor) is designed to improve care for the 2 million children with medical complexity in Medicaid, while also reducing program spending through advancing the spread of innovative delivery care models tailored to the unique needs of these children. Published studies show cost savings and improved quality of care for this population when enrolled in an integrated and coordinated care program.
  • The ACE Kids Act would expand access to patient-centered, pediatric-focused coordinated care for children with medical complexity. The ACE Kids Act addresses existing challenges identified by families and physicians, including the provision and coordination of care across multiple providers and services, and easing access to out-of-state care.
  • The ACE Kids Act is optional for states and provides incentives for them to participate. It works within the existing structure of a state's Medicaid program, including those states with Medicaid managed care. It is also completely voluntary for children, families and health care providers.
  • In the 114th Congress, the ACE Kids Act enjoyed strong bipartisan support with 43 co-sponsors in the Senate and 228 co-sponsors in the House. In the 115th Congress, S. 428 currently has 22 bipartisan co-sponsors, and H.R. 3325 has 58 bipartisan co-sponsors.

The ACE Kids Act is the only proposal enabling the national improvement necessary to help millions of children and save billions of dollars. Please co-sponsor the ACE Kids Act, S. 428/H.R. 3325.