• Toolkit
  • October 4, 2016

Congressional Recess Advocacy Activities

During recess periods, keeping patient families and their stories in front of legislators works to remind them who benefits from the ACE Kids Act and why it is needed. Children's hospitals can help "keep it real" by engaging in one or more of these advocacy communications activities.

Generate customized letters from families of children with complex medical conditions urging Congress to pass the ACE Kids Act. 

Take a family to meet with your members of Congress at their district offices and ask your legislators to pass the ACE Kids act upon their return to Washington, DC.

Invite a member of Congress to visit your hospital for a facilitated listening session with families of children who have complex medical conditions.

Review this editorial toolkit and select a tactic that fits best with news and opinion coverage of Medicaid and the ACE Kids Act in your local market. The toolkit includes:

Participate in the #MyComplexNumber social media campaign.

CHA contact:
Matthew Wright, (202) 753-5364