Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services

As the recognized industry leader in purchasing programs for children's hospitals, CHA offers the nation’s only pediatric supply chain program designed for and by the experts at children’s hospitals.

CHA connects pediatric hospitals to navigate the health care supply chain and ensure reliable supply of pharmaceuticals, supplies and medical devices to enable safe and effective patient care. We work together to:

  • Create a competitive contracting portfolio that advances the triple aim of supply resiliency, cost reduction and clinically proven pediatric supplies for children’s hospitals.
  • Prevent and manage shortages of essential pediatric drugs and supplies by identifying strategies in partnership with hospitals and supplier partners.
  • Identify best practices and maximize productivity of supply chain and pharmacy professionals through the pediatric supply chain network and benchmarking resources.
  • Support hospitals’ diversity, equity and inclusion aims by connecting hospitals to diverse suppliers and information to enhance their efforts.

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