Employee Well-being Survey

Employee Well-being Survey

Better understand industry trends with the Employee Well-being Survey. Participation helps identify engagement strategies, improve well-being initiatives and control health care costs.

The Well-being Survey is a biennial, comprehensive collection of information for children's hospitals to share how they contribute to employees' well-being. Whether your organization provides a formal program or single events, the results of the survey offer peer hospitals the chance to better understand industry trends, determine strategies to improve well-being and control health care costs. This data is exclusively for CHA member hospitals.

How it works

Each submission strengthens the dataset. Member hospitals are encouraged to consistently submit data to maintain reporting and benchmarking efforts. Participants will receive unblinded, hospital-specific results.

The first submission is the most intensive. After a hospital completes the first survey, subsequent surveys are streamlined with a majority of the informational fields pre-populated from the prior survey. Returning hospitals report it takes less than an hour to update, review, and submit updated information.

Benefits of participation

  • Gain access to one-of-a-kind data for children's hospitals.
  • Participants receive the full results.
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of the data.
  • Identify engagement strategies.

Ways to use survey data

  • Benefit decisions.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Peer comparison and differentiation.
  • Benchmarking and trends.

Gain insight

  • What programs and services do my peers offer?
  • What vendors do my peers use?
  • What are your peers doing to address mental well-being?

Eligibility and enrollment

The Well-being Survey is a benefit of membership. Data submission begins in December.


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