Family/Provider Partnerships

Families are the experts on their child with medical complexity, and frequent users of health care services. This makes them essential partners in addressing challenges in the care delivery system. The CARE Award realized the importance of family engagement at a new level, affirming parents as full members of their child’s clinical care team. They began playing an active role in process design, and the development and testing of change concepts, to create shared goals and improve care coordination.

Strong family and provider partnerships in the care of the children with medical complexity (CMC) lead to trusting relationships and in-depth knowledge of the child’s conditions. Proactive care plans built from this collaboration account for the family’s unique needs and provide clear direction for action when there are changes in the child’s health, which can ultimately improve the child’s outcomes.

Establishing Family Partnerships

This short, self-paced course describes why high-level partnerships between families and care providers are so important for children with medical complexity.

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Invoking the Power of Family Partnerships

Health care professionals and organizations can successfully use the knowledge families have by cultivating a culture of family-centered care. This elevates partnership with families in the case of individual patients, as well as in the design and improvement of care delivery systems.

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Prioritizing the Family Experience

To successfully transform the system of care for CMC, children’s hospitals must put families at the lead. Hear project champions explain how the project required a different level of family engagement.

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