Downside Risk in Payment Model for Children With Complex Medical Conditions
May 11, 2018

CHA contracted with Milliman to conduct the actuarial analysis for the CARE Award. Milliman developed this white paper as part of their analysis.

Attracting the Millennial Generation Workforce to Children's Hospitals
April 26, 2018

National research offers insights into effective strategies to recruit, engage and retain millennial employees in children’s hospitals.

Screening for Social Determinants of Health: Children's Hospitals Respond
March 30, 2018

An overview of how children's hospitals are selecting and implementing screeners for social determinants of health.

The New Importance of Children in America
October 12, 2017

Massive demographic changes are converging to make investing in children more important than ever. It is a strong wake-up call for policymakers.

CARE Award Patient Acuity and Selection Effects
October 6, 2017

This white paper evaluates the acuity level across the claims data sets acquired for analysis of the CARE Award.

Payment Model Guidance for Organizations Caring for Children with Complex Medical Conditions: The CARE Award
July 11, 2017

In the Coordinating All Resources Effectively (CARE) Award, 10 hospitals worked to understand the possibilities for new payment models. This ...

Impacting the Health Care Spend for Children with Complex Conditions
July 10, 2017

CARE Award participants are implementing changes to their current health care delivery systems that are expected to reduce spend and utilization ...

Four New CARE Award Resources Available from 2017 Professional Meetings
July 10, 2017

Knowledge from the CARE Award is being used to develop new research for peer reviewed presentations and publications. Four resources presented this ...

Key Actuarial Lessons from the CARE Award: Alternate Payment Models for Children with Complex Medical Conditions
June 7, 2017

An actuarial analysis of data from 10 children's hospitals shows substantial potential risks and rewards in alternate payment models for hospitals, ...

National Survey Results: Accountability Programs and Quality Measures in Children's Hospitals
March 17, 2017

Key findings from CHA's survey to gain insight into children's hospitals' exposure to programs of accountability and the quality measures used.

Lessons Learned in the First 18 Months of the CARE Award to Transform Care and Payment Models
September 1, 2016

Early key findings in this three-year project to test change concepts to improve care and reduce costs for children with medical complexity.

MACPAC June 2016 Report Summary
August 25, 2016

CHA developed a summary of MACPAC’s June 2016 report to Congress.

2016 Employee Benefits Survey Trends
July 13, 2016

Children’s hospitals of all types offer competitive benefits and on-site services to promote wellness. How does your hospital compare?

Building Benchmarks for Pediatric Care: Patients Hospitalized for Asthma, Bronchiolitis and Pneumonia
July 8, 2016

This study shows how hospitals were able to reduce variation in care and reduce costs for common inpatient conditions.

Nutrition Interventions for Stage III Pediatric Weight Management: Consensus of Registered Dietitians on Best Practice
February 5, 2016

This white paper highlights best practices of Registered Dietitians working in pediatric weight management programs.

Pediatric Health Care Services Distribution and Utilization: Analysis for Network Adequacy Standards Development
December 17, 2014

CHA is examining the distribution of pediatric health care services, care delivery, and pediatric care utilization to help inform policy decisions ...

2013 Survey Findings of Children's Hospitals Obesity Services
May 1, 2014

The purpose of this survey was to better understand the children’s hospital response to the childhood obesity epidemic.

Health Care Utilization of Children
November 2, 2013

The Association analyzed utilization patterns using claims data for specific patient populations, enabling segmentation and development of care ...

Potential Medicaid Savings From Improving Care Coordination for Medically Complex Children
October 17, 2013

The Association commissioned Dobson DaVanzo & Associates, LLC to estimate the financial impact on the Medicaid program of its legislative proposal ...

Optimizing Health Care for Children With Medical Complexity
October 15, 2013

This report outlines the Association's proposal for a national solution to address the needs of children with medical complexity.

Advancing a Healthy Hospital Initiative
July 1, 2013

Recommendations to help children's hospitals advance a healthy hospital environment for patients, families and employees.

The Landscape of Medical Care for Children with Medical Complexity
June 25, 2013

This special report looks at a growing sub-population among children -- the medically complex -- and reveals the extent and cost of their health ...

2012 Survey Findings: Children's Hospitals Child Abuse Services
October 1, 2012

This report is the third iteration of benchmarking data for child protection teams at children’s hospitals.

Public Policy Subcommittee: Obesity Resource Guide
July 1, 2012

Informs hospital staff on statistics and information that can support advocacy efforts on a local, state and national level.

FOCUS on a Fitter Future 2011 Executive Report
April 1, 2012

The FOCUS on a Fitter Future 2011 Executive Report is a brief summary of the work of FOCUS on a Fitter Future II.