Promoting Safe Hospital-to-Home Transitions
September 13, 2019

Best practices for improving hospital-to-home family/caregiver written discharge instructions to reduce potential medical complications.

National Children’s Hospital Child Abuse Survey: Executive Summary
August 28, 2019

Findings from the fourth triennial national survey of child protection teams at children’s hospitals from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Association, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Baylor College of Medicine.

Improve Care Transformation Sustainability: Learning From the CARE Award
August 5, 2019

This paper outlines the four-step sustainability framework used by the CARE Award teams, compiles their insights, and shares results from a 12-month post-project implementation survey.

Family-Centered Primary Care Medical Home for Children with Medical Complexity
August 5, 2019

Primary care physicians (PCP) care for the majority of children with medical complexity (CMC), but their role in care coordination is often unclear.

Demonstrating Value in Pediatrics
March 5, 2019

The U.S. health care system continues to move from fee-for-service toward fee-for-value, or value-based care and payment. Children’s hospitals, along with other care providers, are increasingly under pressure to adopt and report on meaningful quality measures that demonstrate value in the care provided to patients.

Battling Sepsis is Bigger Than Your Team
February 6, 2019

A multi-year collaborative for children's hospitals to reduce sepsis mortality and morbidity across all levels of care.

Sharing Data, Saving Lives: The Hospital Agenda for Interoperability
January 22, 2019

The Children’s Hospital Association joined with other leading hospital associations to release a report that sets forth a national agenda for improving interoperability among health information technology (IT) systems.

Matching Market Opportunities With Strategies to Provide Pediatric Value-based Care
January 9, 2019

The movement toward value-based care represents one of the most significant changes in the industry in a generation.

Identifying the Source of Serious Pediatric Patient Harm
January 7, 2019

A 2018 report from the Child Health Patient Safety Organization reveals 10 pediatric patient safety concerns that have high potential for repeat harm in children’s hospitals. It also serves as a reminder to be vigilant about detecting existing risks before a serious safety event occurs.

Workforce Optimization: Investing in Employee Well-Being
November 19, 2018

The conversation about pediatric health care now includes employee health—specifically the health care of children’s hospitals providers and staff. CHA is committed to advancing hospital leaders’ efforts to improve employee well-being and patient outcomes.

America's Military Readiness and the Essential Role of Medicaid
November 15, 2018

A new report details why Medicaid is crucial for 3.6 million military-connected children.

CARE Award Metrics: Reflections and Rankings
August 21, 2018

This white paper presents an overview of CARE Award measurement and reflects on where successes were seen, where barriers were encountered, and how these lessons can inform future quality improvement (QI) efforts to implement a clinical transformation model for children with medical complexity (CMC).

Estimating Your Costs to Manage a Population
August 1, 2018

The Children’s Hospital Association and leading children’s health systems participating in the CARE Award are testing new care delivery and payment reform models for children with complex medical conditions (CMC).

Access to Care: A Family-Centered Approach
August 1, 2018

The CARE Award provided a unique opportunity to understand the reasons behind preventable ED utilization for a population that had access to health insurance and a medical home, and to test quality improvement (QI) interventions to decrease ED visits.

Invoking the Power of Family Partnerships
August 1, 2018

Health care professionals and organizations can successfully use the knowledge families have by cultivating a culture of family-centered care. This elevates partnership with families in the case of individual patients, as well as in the design and improvement of care delivery systems.

Reflections on Care Coordination
July 25, 2018

This white paper shares strategies to improve coordination of care for CMC and their families employed by practice sites as a part of the CARE Award.

Implications of adult network adequacy standards on children’s access to pediatric specialty care
July 16, 2018

CHA is examining the distribution of pediatric health care services, care delivery, and pediatric care utilization to help inform policy decisions related to network adequacy standards that would require the inclusion of specialized pediatric providers in provider networks.

Downside Risk in Payment Model for Children With Complex Medical Conditions
May 11, 2018

CHA contracted with Milliman to conduct the actuarial analysis for the CARE Award. Milliman developed this white paper as part of their analysis.

Attracting the Millennial Generation Workforce to Children's Hospitals
April 26, 2018

National research offers insights into effective strategies to recruit, engage and retain millennial employees in children’s hospitals.

Screening for Social Determinants of Health: Children's Hospitals Respond
March 30, 2018

An overview of how children's hospitals are selecting and implementing screeners for social determinants of health.

The CARE Award Payment Models
January 4, 2018

The creation of new payment models – those that incentivize the specific providers involved in the child’s care and address the coordination of both medical and social services – is a key component of the CARE Award study. Milliman Inc. provides technical actuarial support to each hospital to aid in designing a payment model.

The New Importance of Children in America
October 11, 2017

Massive demographic changes are converging to make investing in children more important than ever. It is a strong wake-up call for policymakers.

CARE Award Patient Acuity and Selection Effects
October 6, 2017

This white paper evaluates the acuity level across the claims data sets acquired for analysis of the CARE Award.

Payment Model Guidance for Organizations Caring for Children with Complex Medical Conditions: The CARE Award
July 11, 2017

In the Coordinating All Resources Effectively (CARE) Award, 10 hospitals worked to understand the possibilities for new payment models. This Guidance paper results from CARE Award participant work with actuarial and cost analysis experts and provides children’s hospitals a resource when exploring alternative payment models for the medically complex patient population.