Case Studies


Case Study
Novel Low-Dose Syringe: Enhancing Pediatric Medication Safety
July 13, 2021

Collaboration leads to the development of a safer option for low dose IV medication administration in pediatric health care.

Case Study
Consistent Staffing Practices Within the Emergency Department
May 5, 2021

Children’s Hospital Association hosted a two-part webinar showcasing emergency departments identified for consistent staffing practices based on criteria obtained from PROSPECT.

Case Study
Staffing Analytics, Volume Data Drives Improvements in Radiology Department
February 17, 2021

Through the PROSPECT data program, Children's Hospital New Orleans was identified as a top performer for staffing efficiency.

Case Study
Flexible Staffing Creates an Efficient Radiology Department
February 8, 2021

Through CHA’s PROSPECT data program, Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt was identified as a top performer.

Case Study
Organization-Wide Collaboration Improves Radiology Efficiency
January 14, 2021

Through CHA’s PROSPECT data program, CHOP was identified as a top performer for staffing efficiency.

Case Study
Insights to Improving Pediatric Sepsis ‘Time To’ Processes
December 7, 2020

A shift in communication, culture practices and increased awareness lead to better outcomes.

Case Study
Reduce Harm Related to Vascular Access
November 6, 2020

Practical application of continuous improvement methods address difficult IV access.

Case Study
Ensure Pediatric Sepsis Screening Across All Sites
November 6, 2020

Community champions promote screening culture shift among emergency departments.

Case Study
Expedite Triage for Patients at Highest Risk for Sepsis
March 2, 2020

Units partner to accelerate treatment for immunocompromised patients who arrive through the emergency department.

Case Study
Building a Mental Health Quality Dashboard
December 10, 2019

Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD) used a 2019 Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) report to support the development of its mental health quality dashboard.

Case Study
Predetermined Policies Prevent High-cost Drug Utilization
November 21, 2019

Proactive processes anticipate need to contain usage of IV acetaminophen.

Case Study
Creating A High-Cost Drug Use Policy That Puts Patients First
November 21, 2019

IV acetaminophen may be putting children at risk.

Case Study
Building a Roadmap for Reducing High-Cost Drug Use
November 21, 2019

Project aims to get IV acetaminophen utilization under control.

Case Study
Clinical Pathways: Data Shows Consistency Helps Manage Excess Days
September 27, 2019

Dell Children’s operated in 2018 with the lowest percentage of excess days for six commonly treated conditions. Here’s how the hospital decreased variations in outcomes.

Case Study
Move Beyond Static Schedules for Efficient Emergency Department Staffing
September 19, 2019

A pediatric hospital recognizes local needs and relies on shared decision making to meet variability in the unit.

Case Study
Use Data to Predict Emergency Department Staffing Needs
September 9, 2019

Here's how Children's Hospital of Philadelphia created staffing efficiency in the ED with data, role clarification and flexibility.

Case Study
Manage Productivity in a Pediatric Emergency Department
August 19, 2019

Several routine practices help Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) adjust to patient volume and efficiently deliver care. Leaders at CHOC constantly monitor acuity levels and census throughout the hospital to successfully manage productivity in the ED.

Case Study
High-Performing Pediatric Emergency Departments
August 14, 2019

Managing productivity in the emergency department is a year-round challenge. Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas describes tequniques they use for adapting to census.

Case Study
Targeted Intervention to Improve Wellness of Hospital Employees with Hypertension
April 12, 2018

St. Jude leaders revealed the best ways to help their staff stay healthy through a data-driven approach using the Claims and Health Analytics Resource Tool (CHART).

Case Study
Using Data to Evaluate a Direct Contract Offer for Joint Replacements
March 13, 2018

See how a children’s hospital used data to help determine benefits of a joint replacement proposal for hospital employees. The team looked at cost comparison of post-acute care service options.

Case Study
Transitioning Employees to a High-deductible Health Plan
July 5, 2016

Learn how one large hospital system secured employee adoption of its new high-deductible health plan and saved millions in benefit costs.

Case Study
Combining Benefit and Biometric Data Can Provide Powerful Insights for Hospitals
June 28, 2016

A look at one hospital's data revealed unexpected correlations and clear targets for improving employee health and reducing benefit costs.

Case Study
Patient Encounter Data Helps Identify Opportunities to Improve Clinical Effectiveness
June 8, 2015

Learn how one hospital prototyped an approach to clinical effectiveness and improved care for Tetralogy of Fallot patients.

Case Study
Standardizing Pediatric Care Education Across A Large Health System

This case study outlines how Mercy Health used Pediatric Learning Solutions' standardized education to improve care for children across its four-state system.

Case Study
Creating a Staged Approach to Critical and Acute Care Orientation

This case study outlines how Lurie Children's Hospital is simplifying learning pathways to improve competencies and retention of new nurses caring for complex patients.