Value in Pediatrics

Deliver care. Measure outcomes. Improve quality.

The transition to value-based care (VBC) marks a substantial change in care delivery and payment models designed to improve children’s health by focusing on outcomes. As payment models migrate away from fee-for-service contracts, there’s an increasing need for new models of care and operational tools—both of which rely on effective pediatric value measurement.

Catch up on presentations from the Moving to Value Symposium to gain insight into value-based initiatives put in practice in children’s hospitals around the country. Navigate the intricacies of VBC and establishing useful pediatric measure sets with additional resources to help your children’s hospital decide what’s right for its market.

Steve Allen, M.D.

Learn More About Value-Based Care

Matching Market Opportunities with Strategies lays the groundwork for VBC using illustrative case examples.

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Pediatric Value-Based Contracting Playbook

Pursue Value-Based Agreements

Use the Pediatric Value-Based Contracting Playbook as a guide for strategic decision-making and implementation.

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Pediatric Value-Based Contracting Playbook

Measure Menu and Guidance

Select from more than 60 pediatric measures and use step-by-step guidance to implement in your value-based program.

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Provider Tips for Outpatient Measures

Provider Tips for Outpatient Measures

Developed for clinicians to be successful and avoid missteps in complying with measures in a value-based environment.

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