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  • April 27, 2017

STAT Article Features Sepsis Collaborative Work

Recognizing sepsis has been a longstanding challenge for all health care providers. But for children’s hospitals, who treat a large percentage of children with sepsis, the window for diagnosis and effective intervention is very short because it spreads so rapidly in children’s small bodies. 

A national feature article from STAT, "Sepsis can send a child to the brink of death within hours. A new coalition of hospitals is fighting back," explores what makes sepsis a leading killer of children and why sepsis remains difficult to diagnose in a timely manner. It also offers visibility into a group of 44 children’s hospitals undertaking an ambitious effort through the Children's Hospital Association's Improving Pediatric Sepsis Outcomes collaborative to improve the diagnosis and survival rate from sepsis by 75 percent. 

The sepsis collaborative emphasizes the importance of children’s hospitals working together to accelerate progress on issues that have a significant impact on children’s health.

The STAT article features a patient, Chloe, treated at Children's National Health System. Read the full story about Chloe's experiences through the eyes of her parents, along with more pediatric sepsis patient stories

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