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  • July 12, 2021

Re-Imagining Quality Webinar Series

Join the conversation on the next generation of quality.  

Children’s hospitals have made remarkable progress in quality in the 20 years since the IOM published "To Err is Human" and "Crossing the Quality Chasm." Yet no one in the quality movement is complacent about the current state; if anything, there is a shared sense of urgency to improve faster, on a larger scale and with greater impact.

What will it take to achieve improvement of health outcomes, experience and value for children and families by 2030? What does the next generation of quality look like?

Children’ Hospital Association is working with children’s hospitals and health systems to re-imagine quality for the next generation and support hospitals and communities as they work to accelerate progress toward improvement in health outcomes, experiences and value for children and families. 

The strong tradition of shared learning in pediatrics has played a significant role in the quality progress of both the industry and individual organizations. We will continue the shared learning in a series on quality, hearing from colleagues and fueling ideas and progress into the future.

Join the conversation to begin to shape the next generation of quality.

On Demand

Journey to Best Outcomes
September 9, 3-4 ET
In 2017, Nationwide Children’s Hospital launched Journey to Best Outcomes with an aim to improve health outcomes for children. Focused on impacting measures correlated to lifetime health that begins in childhood, they are working across sectors to improve rates of infant mortality, kindergarten readiness, high school graduation and suicide/self-harm, among others. Join the discussion to learn how Nationwide identified target measures and has aligned health system initiatives with community health efforts and the work of external partners to drive improvement.

Achieving Quantum Improvements in Health Outcomes for Children Requires a Focus on Equity
September 7, 3-4pm ET
Changing health outcomes for children requires collaboration across many sectors. Children’s hospitals and pediatric clinicians play important roles in the ecosystem as providers, educators, researchers, catalysts, conveners and advocates. Join us to learn how the American Board of Pediatrics, American Academy of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital Association are leaning in to close the gap in health disparities and ensuring equitable care to all children.

Effectively Leveraging Clinical Data for Quality Improvement
In this session, learn how hospitals provide access to standardized effectiveness data for meaningful investigation of clinical outcomes that drive improvement initiatives.
What to watch for: When to involve data analysts in pathway development.

Health Literacy: The Foundation of Quality, Safety, Experience, and Equity
Children’s Wisconsin has broadened its quality and safety focus to include health literacy and clear communication with patients and families. Learn about how the hospital identified improvement opportunities, initiated projects to promote clear communication and developed future improvement opportunities tied to organizational priorities.
What to watch for: How to use health literacy-informed communication strategies. 

Fostering a Data-Driven Culture
Learn how one children's hospital’s analytics infrastructure evolved to endorse a culture where stakeholders use data to improve outcomes.
What to watch for: How to use data to communicate to staff to improve decision making.

How Learning Health Systems Can Achieve Better Patient Outcomes
Learn how Montefiore Medical Center uses the concept of a learning health system to undertake innovative research, continuously learn and adapt, train the next generation of healthcare leaders and deliver science-driven, patient-centered care across their system.
What to watch for: The foundational elements of a learning health system. 

Panoramic Improvement:  Broadening the Quality Lens
Early health care quality efforts focused on preventing harm and improving safety. Learn how organizations are balancing their improvement portfolio while continuing their pursuit of zero harm.
What to watch for: How to apply the tree analogy to your improvement portfolio. 

Engaging the Family Voice: Exploring Patient and Family Partnerships
Partnering with families can influence patient outcomes by inviting patients and families to participate in decision making. 
What to watch for: How Children's Mercy Kansas City is engaging families. 

Re-imagining Quality for the Next Generation
Children's hospitals can work together to accelerate progress toward a significant improvement in outcomes for children. 
What to watch for: Identify the foundational elements of the next generation of quality. 

The Imperative for Change
Leaders reflect on progress made in quality and safety work so far, and what's needed to move forward in the next generation of quality. 
What to watch for: The four priorities to achieve quantum improvement in quality.