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  • April 1, 2014

Tools to Transform the Hospital Environment for Wellness

The complex process of improving the hospital environment requires the involvement of many stakeholders within the hospital. Whether your hospital is taking its first steps toward this change or is several years into the journey, you will benefit from access to resources and the opportunity to benchmark against your hospital peers.

WorkHealthy America

Prevention Partners LogoWorkHealthy America is an online, evidenced-based health prevention program built on four areas of focus: culture of wellness (leadership strategy), tobacco environment, nutrition and physical activity policies and practices. WorkHealthy America was designed to help organizations benchmark wellness policies, benefits and environments against the latest science. It is currently being used by more than 500 organizations across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The program package contains an online survey tool, reports and prevention resources. The survey measures organization-level indicators of workplace wellness, and then bestows a grade based on the policies, benefits and environments available for each topic area. With their grades, hospitals can also gain access to the WorkHealthy America resource toolboxes and tailored action plans that serve as a road map to healthy workplace policies. 

Sample documents and resources can be found at the top of the page. For subscription information, contact Prevention Partners at 919-969-7022.

Assessing Nutritional Value of Food Outlets

The CDC is working in partnership with the hospital community to develop a tool to assess the nutritional value of hospital food outlets. Learn more about this forthcoming resource and the experience of some of your children's hospital peers who had the opportunity to participate in a pilot test of the tool.

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