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  • July 1, 2014

List of Healthy Options for Rewards and Recognition

Events and celebrations are frequently times when a healthy choice is hard to find. The following list of suggested healthy options and alternatives was developed by the Healthy Hospitals Committee of FOCUS on a Fitter Future and combines the best practices utilized within their institutions.

Hospital-wide Celebratory Events – (e.g. Hospital Week)

  • Non-fat frozen yogurt with fresh fruit (instead of cake/cupcakes)
  • Cut up Fruit with chocolate or caramel dip
  • Fruit parfaits
  • Assorted Spa waters (water with cut up fruit)
  • Mocktails (fruit juices with seltzer water with fruit garnish)
  • Granola bars (healthy ones), fresh fruit: apples, bananas, pears, and water tumblers with stickers on each item (e.g. “Happy Nurses Week”) in addition to a healthy fun fact on each label
  • Raffle tickets for those who can answer nutritional, physical activity question with a healthy reward (see below)

Gifts/Rewards to Individuals and/or Departments


  • Fruit baskets 
  • Reusable grocery tote bags with fresh fruit
  • Gift certificates to local farmers' markets
  • Gift certificates to restaurant that offers healthy options predominately
  • Music gift cards
  • Fitness related gift cards - gym membership for period of time or classes, equipment, apparel etc
  • Fitness equipment/monitors - pedometer, Fitbit, jump rope, hula hoop 
  • Event tickets - concerts, sporting events, etc.
  • Massage certificate and other related spa items
  • Books/ book gift certificates
  • Lunch with the CEO 
  • Recognize team accomplishments with a commemorative t-shirt/hat/pin
  • Create a recognition trophy that gets passed around from winning team to winning team
  • Primo Parking (designate a few easy in - easy out parking spots to be awarded on a monthly basis)
  • Flowers/plants
  • Car wash coupons
  • Gas gift cards
  • Water bottles