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Photo: Juan Pulido, Children’s Medical Center Dallas

Children require different care than adults and children’s hospitals need quality measures that reflect the unique aspects of working with pediatric patients. While valid measures for child health care and outcomes exist, they do not capture and describe critical areas in child health sufficiently.

CHA represents children and children’s hospitals in health care quality policy, advocacy and regulatory activities, especially with regard to quality measurement and regulatory and accreditation requirements. Learn more about our quality measures policy and advocacy initiatives.


Reference Material
Provider Tip Sheets for Outpatient Measures in Value Based Programs
September 29, 2020

Developed for clinicians to be successful and avoid missteps in complying with measures in a value-based environment.

Case Study
Building a Mental Health Quality Dashboard
December 10, 2019

Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD) used a 2019 Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) report to support the development of its mental health quality dashboard.

Reference Material
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Pediatric Core Measure Sets
July 11, 2019

Details and comparison of measures in each of the pediatric core measure sets.

Demonstrating Value in Pediatrics
March 5, 2019

The U.S. health care system continues to move from fee-for-service toward fee-for-value, or value-based care and payment. Children’s hospitals, along with other care providers, are increasingly under pressure to adopt and report on meaningful quality measures that demonstrate value in the care provided to patients.

Accountability Data Tool: Quality Measures and Program Participation in Children's Hospitals
April 16, 2018

A tool for strategic decision-making about your hospital's participation in accountability programs and hospital quality operations.

3 Challenges Children's Hospitals Face as They Define and Demonstrate Value
June 1, 2017

Here's what matters to children's hospitals in accountability programs and quality measures.

Presentation or Recording
Town Hall Webinar - Accountability Programs and Quality Measures: What matters to children’s hospitals?
May 10, 2017

Learn about initial findings from a survey of more than 80 children’s hospitals on their participation in accountability programs, the types of measures they use, and anticipated trends for the future.

National Survey Results: Accountability Programs and Quality Measures in Children's Hospitals
March 17, 2017

Key findings from CHA's survey to gain insight into children's hospitals' exposure to programs of accountability and the quality measures used.

Issue Brief
Defining the Role of Children's Hospitals in the Quality Measurement Enterprise
February 15, 2017

Children’s hospitals are critical to ensuring the appropriateness of measures in children’s care settings and avoid misapplication of adult-centric measures, which may lead to unintended consequences.

Issue Brief
Trends and Influences on Pediatric Quality Measures of Accountability
February 15, 2017

Learn how trends in public policy, health care delivery, data infrastructure and consumer demand are influencing pediatric quality measures.

Reference Material
Measure Selection Framework for Pediatric Quality Accountability Measures
February 15, 2017

CHA developed a framework to evaluate measures for suitability in accountability programs applied to pediatrics, and as a pathway to recommend specific measures.

Issue Brief
Key Principles of Accountable Quality Measurement for Pediatrics
February 15, 2017

Best practices for decision- and policy-makers when tying accountability to quality measurement in pediatrics.

Letter or Testimony
CHA Joins Allied Children’s Organizations in Highlighting the Importance of Pediatric Quality
October 6, 2016

A joint letter to House and Senate committee leadership calls for strengthening the Pediatric Quality Measures Program (PQMP) and more federal investment.

2016 Children’s Hospital Survey on Accountability Programs and Quality Measures
August 1, 2016

CHA launched a survey on hospitals' exposure to types of measures, related accountability programs and how measures are used.

Press Release
Children's Hospitals Grateful to HHS and NQF for Pediatric Quality Focus
July 31, 2015

A project supported by HHS will evaluate pediatric measures--an important step in getting these measures used by the broader health care community.

Letter or Testimony
Joint CHIP Quality Letter to House Energy & Commerce Committee and Senate Finance Committee
March 9, 2015

The AAP, CHA and the March of Dimes submit joint letter requesting that in any CHIP extension, funding for quality improvement be included.

Presentation or Recording
Pediatric Pay-for-Performance
December 19, 2014

Presentation examining the theory behind pay-for-performance programs, their spread into pediatrics and how they may impact children’s hospitals.

Letter or Testimony
Pediatric Readmission Measures Comments
May 21, 2014

The Association submitted comments for the National Quality Forum (NQF) All-cause Cause Admissions and Readmissions Project open comment period.

Developing New Pediatric Quality Measures
April 20, 2014

Current pediatric quality measures are limited in scope and don’t reflect the needs of children with medical complexity. To develop high-quality, cost-effective care, hospitals are examining care coordination, readmissions, mental health and more.

Letter or Testimony
Patient Safety Standards for Qualified Health Plans Comment Letter
December 24, 2013

The Association's comments call for quality and patient safety standards to reflect all of the populations, including children, served by QHPs and the hospitals with which they contract.

Issue Brief
Renewing CHIPRA Title IV: Closing Gaps in Pediatric Quality Measurement
October 1, 2013

Five key steps will help Congress improve children’s health care quality measurement when it renews CHIPRA Title IV.

Letter or Testimony
Health Care Quality for Exchanges RFI Comment Letter
December 26, 2012

CHA submitted comments to CMS on the questions posed in the RFI regarding health care quality for Exchanges.


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