Award Categories

Elligible projects must demonstrate a minimum of six months of sustained improvement in one of four entry categories. 

Clinical care

Project that impacts patients through the improvement or redesign of clinical care systems and achieves improved patient outcomes.

2015 semifinalist examples:

Delivery system transformation

Project that demonstrates an organization's journey toward transformation in both financing and service delivery of health care. Changes may include improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health care organizations and services, as well as increasing connections and collaborations among public health, health care and other sectors.

2015 semifinalist examples:

Patient safety and reduction of harm

Project that attains sustained results and eliminates harm to patients.

2015 semifinalist examples:

Waste reduction/improved efficiency

Project that reduces waste, improves efficiency and/or reduces cost, as well as improves clinical outcomes, reduces harm or improves patient satisfaction.

2015 semifinalist examples:


2017 Judges

Judging this year's entries are pediatric quality experts from children's hospitals and allied organizations including The American Board of Pediatrics, National Quality Forum and the International Society for Quality in Health Care.