• Report
  • July 10, 2017

Four New CARE Award Resources Available from 2017 Professional Meetings

A Publications Steering Committee represents each of the 10 CARE Award sites, and has been actively soliciting proposals to analyze CARE Award data and develop academic presentations and publications. 

Three research abstracts were presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in peer reviewed sessions. Analysis was based on baseline data on health care costs and patient and family experience and from the results from the Medical Home Index survey, which demonstrated an improvement in ‘medical homeness’ across hospital-based and community pediatric sites. 

Additionally, Children’s Hospital Colorado presented a poster in May at the Lown Institute conference related to avoiding unneeded emergency department visiting through family engagement leveraging CARE Award change concepts.

Improving “medical homeness” in primary and complex care clinics through the CARE Award Learning Collaborative
Medical Home Index (MHI) scores improved by using a learning collaborative approach to implement care delivery transformation change concepts within complex care clinics and primary care sites.  

Comparison of experiences of care for families of children with medical complexity (CMC)
Compare family experiences of care coordination for CMC across 10 outpatient children’s hospital complex care programs.

Avoiding unneeded emergency department visits: Listening to parents of children with medical complexity
Support families with CMC to increase their resources, which would decrease stress and anxiety to reduce emergency department utilization.

Changes in health care spend utilization with increasing medical complexity (slides)

Describe the pattern of health care use for CMC and understand how health care service utilization may vary among CMC.
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