• Fact Sheet
  • July 1, 2019

Introduction to Workplace Diversity PLS Course Detail

Our employee and patient populations are more diverse than ever before. As pediatric health care organizations our practices, policies and procedures must evolve to reflect the needs, preferences and expectations of the communities we serve. This course will explore the fundamental concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion, including how bias can influence interactions with colleagues and patients, and how cultural competence and humility are integral to the effective delivery of care and service.

Key Feature
  • This course explores the aspects of diversity present in many workplaces and provides tangible behaviors employees can implement on the individual level to support a safe, supportive environment.


  • Define workplace diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Describe why diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to delivery of quality care.
  • Discuss bias and its impact on interpersonal behavior.
  • Apply actions that limit bias and promote cultural competence and humility.

Quick Facts

  • Released on June 1, 2021

NOTE: This course is only available to staff at PLS Participating Hospitals through their Learning Management Systems. If you are interested, please check with your organization’s learning staff or contact Patty Kohn to learn more.