• Fact Sheet
  • May 30, 2019

Arrhythmia Recognition Channelopathies Neonate PLS Course Detail

Check out the Arrhythmia Recognition: Channelopathies course. Cardiac channelopathies are inherited arrhythmia syndromes, caused by dysfunctional ion channels. The course includes discussion of the etiology, triggers, clinical manifestations, significance and treatment of each of the channelopathy rhythms.

  1. Describe arrhythmias that are the result of disturbances of ion movement.
  2. Identify the distinguishing features of each arrhythmia caused by a cardiac channelopathy using the five-steps of rhythm interpretation as well as additional analysis of the ECG.
  3. Discuss the genetic factors, trigger events, etiology and diagnosis of each arrhythmia caused by a cardiac channelopathy.
  4. Summarize the clinical manifestations of each arrhythmia caused by a cardiac channelopathy.
  5. Identify treatment options available for the arrhythmias caused by a cardiac channelopathy.
  1. Knowledge checks requiring learner action
  2. ECG strips with interactive e-calipers
  3. Printable 5-step rhythm interpretation job aid
Quick Facts:
  1. Approved for 0.8 CNE contact hours
  2. Appropriate for clinicians working in NICU, PICU, CVICU, ED and on units with ECG monitoring
  3. Part of the Arrhythmia Recognition & Care Management Library

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