Frequently Asked Questions

For what audience are your courses designed?  

Our courses are appropriate for the following  clinicians: nurses, respiratory therapists, transport teams, medical assistants, pharmacy, residents and fellows, and in some cases – physicians.

What other hospitals or systems are utilizing Pediatric Learning Solutions?  

View a list of participating hospitals.  

Will our learners log into your learning management system or can the courses be downloaded to our hospital/system’s learning platform?

Once you have purchased desired content the courses are downloaded into your learning management system.  Your LMS administrator(s) will have access to our content exporter tool to ensure you always have the newest courses and versions.  Please contact us for Technical specification.

Do the courses offer continuing education credits?  

Yes!  All of our clinical content offers CNE, some offer CRCE, and a few courses offer CME.  View more about CE opportunities.

Are the courses customizable?

Yes. Although we cannot allow the content of the course to be changed due to CE, we offer the ability to add information specific to your organization to the course. 



Course Demos

Try one of our courses through an interactive demo, or participate in an upcoming live session at 11:00 a.m. CT:

Sepsis Course

Using evidence-based practice, clinicians can improve outcomes by reducing variability across the continuum of sepsis care.

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