Purchased Services

The 30+ CHA hospitals participating in Supply Chain Services (SCS) spend a considerable amount on purchased services such as temporary nurse staffing, clinical equipment maintenance, document destruction and interpretation services. The association’s Purchased Services program helps members expand their savings opportunities through new or enhanced contracts and price comparisons as well as benchmarks for commonly purchased services.

This program offers a two-pronged approach:

Aggregate knowledge sharing and purchasing 

By joining forces, members can expand their savings opportunities through new and enhanced contracts as well as price and service level comparisons. Participants receive access to:

  • Group-wide contracting initiatives and pediatric benchmarking
  • A community that includes discussion groups, webcasts and meetings
  • A case study library
  • Best practice implementation support
  • A customized annual savings report 

Purchased service assessments

Purchased Services spend is often decentralized and difficult to identify and manage. Members of CHA's Supply Chain Services program can choose to take advantage of a customized purchased services assessment, which provides a roadmap to savings for the hospital. These assessments include regional and national benchmarks, helping hospitals identify the right price for the right level of service in a variety of categories. 


Participants in CHA's Supply Chain Services (SCS) program are eligible to enroll. Contact Julie Abrams at (913) 262-1436.



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