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Frequently Asked Questions: Child Health Advantage

What is the Child Health Advantage Program?

Child Health Advantage is a purchasing program that provides significant price savings on vaccines, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and office products and services for physicians. The Child Health Advantage program was created with the vision of providing community physicians with easy access to a large product portfolio, competitive pricing and robust distribution.

The Child Health Advantage program is managed by the Children's Hospital Association.

Who can participate?

Any physician or physician office looking to save money on vaccines and other commonly purchased products can participate in the Child Health Advantage program.

How does a physician or office become a member of Child Health Advantage?

Becoming a member of Child Health Advantage is as easy as signing the participation agreement. A physician or physician office wishing to participate in the Child Health Advantage program may either complete an online enrollment form or contact us for the appropriate membership forms. Additional paperwork may be necessary depending on the products and services you wish to purchase.

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble with online enrollment?

Participants who are encountering difficulty with online enrollment can contact us for a copy of the enrollment forms.

How long before an office becomes active in the program?

Once a participant completes the standard participation agreement, they are eligible to take advantage of the many programs and services. Additional paperwork may be required. While enrollment in Child Health Advantage is instantaneous, it typically takes three to five business days to finalize enrollment in specific programs.

What products are offered at a discount?

Child Health Advantage is a purchasing program for physician practices that offers significant price savings on a broad portfolio of products and services, including vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical supplies, capital equipment and business services.

How does a physician practice purchase vaccines?

Physicians and physician offices can purchase their vaccines directly from the manufacturers. Additionally, members have the option to purchase GSK vaccines from one of four authorized distributors.

Is there a membership fee or does it cost to participate?

Membership is free and there are no minimum purchasing requirements.

Are there additional product offering incentives?

Yes, the Child Health Advantage program shares rebates received with qualifying physician practices. GlaxoSmithKline contract provides participating physician offices with the ability to earn additional rebates by meeting a minimum threshold of purchased vaccine doses.

If you have questions, contact us for additional information.

How can my company become a contracted vendor with Child Health Advantage?

For more information on contracting with Children's Hospital Association, email Supply Chain Services.

What is Children's Hospital Association?

The Children's Hospital Association is the national voice of more than 220 children's hospitals, advancing child health through innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of care.