Pediatric Analytic Solutions

CHA's Pediatric Analytic Solutions deliver integrated pediatric data sets not available elsewhere.

The association offers the following suites: Financial and Operational, and Care Services. They enable hospitals to accelerate decision making and develop strategies that lead to clinical, financial and operational improvement.

Financial and Operational Suite

Aggregate financial/operational data allow hospital leaders to assess improvement strategies that cover a range of uses, such as:

  • Develop strategies to improve operating margin
  • Improve productivity by evaluating peer staffing strategies
  • Identify reimbursement strategies by service line and/or population health groups
  • Identify staffing to volume improvements


Members annually submit core financial, operational, demographic and utilization information to create this national children's hospital dataset. Participants and CHA use the aggregate results for benchmarking and to inform public policy efforts, particularly around Medicaid.


This program offers more timely and relevant inpatient nursing, department and hospital-level information to assist decision makers, finance and operation leads in assessing cost improvement strategies with integration of patient care metrics. Three options offered: 

  • Hospital Essentials — formerly Pediatric Analysis and Comparison Tool (PACT)
  • Nursing Essentials — formerly Clinical Productivity and Staffing Program (CPSP)
  • Nursing Essentials+

COMPARE Surgical Services

This comparative database is used by more than 30 children’s hospitals to identify, define and benchmark operational performance indicators specifically for surgical services.


This comparative data program contains blinded reimbursement and cost data that can be used to identify managed care contracting opportunities. The online reports provide flexibility in evaluating many patient population characteristics and identifying contributing factors that impact reimbursement and cost challenges. Our modeling reports offer the ability to estimate the impact of reimbursement changes.

Care Services Suite

This suite enables hospitals to evaluate care delivery and advance population health. It also allows clinical and quality leaders to:

  • Identify, quantify and analyze resource utilization variation
  • Develop care guidelines to ensure quality metrics are achieved
  • Conduct health services research specifically for pediatric populations


This comparative pediatric database includes clinical and resource utilization data for inpatient, ambulatory surgery, emergency department and observation unit patient encounters for 49 children's hospitals.


This program helps hospitals compare their inpatient population to peer groups for benchmarking on key measures such as case mix index, readmissions, average length of stay, cases, charges/cost, mortality and more.

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