Claims and Health Analytics Resource Tool (CHART)

Use data to cut costs and provide better value to employees.

Employees are key to a high level of patient safety in any children’s hospital. To ensure they are taking care of themselves so they can best take care of their pediatric patients, CHA analyzes benefit program data through the CHART program. CHART helps hospital leaders better understand and manage employee medical and pharmacy costs.


More than 15 children’s hospitals use the aggregate health plan utilization and pharmacy data to

  • Identify best practices
  • Benchmark costs
  • Assess the effectiveness of wellness and care management programs
  • Uncover potential cost saving opportunities
  • Manage high cost claims
  • Measure plan design changes
  • Perform claim audits

Participating in the CHART program specifically allows your organization to 
  • Capture medical and pharmacy claims for your employees and their dependents for improved program management
  • Independently and objectively answer questions about program effectiveness without reliance on your vendor partners through data integration (e.g., biometrics, wellness program, on-site employee clinic, disease management, health risk appraisal data and many more)
  • Tie into your existing pharmacy benefit management program (PBM) for enhanced analytic capabilities
  • Model plan design changes and evaluate their effectiveness

Who may be interested in this information
  • Hospital leadership
  • Benefit managers
  • Quality and safety leaders
  • Occupational health experts
  • Wellness coordinators
  • Population health directors

Enrollment and eligibility

Member hospitals may enroll for an additional fee. 

For more information, contact Rob Davidson, (913) 262-1436.


Case Study

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A look at one hospital's benefit and biometric data reveals unexpected targets to improve employee health and reduce benefit costs.