Claims and Health Analytics Resource Tool (CHART)

Go Beyond Traditional Resources

Get a clearer picture of employee population health with insight from the Claims and Health Analytic Resource Tool (CHART). This tool organizes employee claims and related data to help hospital leaders identify areas of improvement in workforce health and productivity. Integrated medical and pharmacy data provides care managers with a complete profile.

Stop wondering. The data in CHART, powered by SCIO, now has interactive dashboards and is easy to interpret. The analytic tool allows drill down for in-depth assessment of performance.

Dig in. CHART is self-service so your team can experiment with different views to uncover trends. The data identifies trends in cost, utilization, and disease prevention providing a true population health view of your members. View the Reporting Spotlight to see how using CHART to identify gaps in care can help reduce health care cost. Need help? CHA has dedicated health care data analysts who will manage and mine the data for you.

Save more. CHART ties into existing pharmacy benefit management programs to give enhanced analytic options. Discover more details to manage medical and pharmacy costs to see how you compare to other children’s hospitals representing over $1 billion in employee health plan spending.

Informed Decision Making with CHART

Details empower leaders to make informed decisions. While traditional data warehouses integrate eligibility and medical and drug claims, CHART can also include:

  • Biometrics and health assessments: objective and self-reported data
  • Wellness participation: who participates, correlation to cost and risk
  • HRIS data: you have a diverse population, and averages don’t tell the whole story
  • Lab values: objective data, for example, on diabetic members
  • On-site clinic utilization: may not run through TPA
  • Socio-economic data: social determinants of health play a major role in cost and outcomes
  • Absence data, including PTO, FMLA and disability
  • Workers’ compensation

Add CHART to Your Organization

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Case Study

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A look at one hospital's benefit and biometric data reveals unexpected targets to improve employee health and reduce benefit costs.