Claims and Health Analytics Resource Tool (CHART)

Go Beyond Traditional Employee Health Resources

Get started. Employee health and wellness is instrumental to improving clinical, financial and operational outcomes. The Claims and Health Analytic Resource Tool (CHART®) organizes medical claims, pharmacy claims, and ancillary data to create an overview of your hospital’s population health. From hospital leaders to care managers, employee well-being relies on understanding, engaging and managing each population within your organization.

Dig in. Your team can implement CHART to look at different views and uncover trends in employee health. As a self-service tool, CHART allows you to:

  • Measure your hospital performance against children’s hospital-specific benchmarks.
  • Assess the outcomes of your wellness programs.
  • Analyze the return on investment.
  • Advocate for benefits that support your staff.

However, self-service doesn’t mean you’re flying solo. CHA has dedicated data analysts to provide education, support, and mine the data on your behalf. 

The Report Spotlight outlines how identifying gaps in care can help reduce health care cost.

Save more. CHART ties into existing pharmacy benefit management programs to enhance analytic options. Discover more details to manage medical and pharmacy costs to see how you compare to other children’s hospitals representing over $1 billion in employee health plan spending.

Informed Decision Making

Details empower leaders to make informed decisions. Traditional data warehouses integrate eligibility, medical and Rx claims. However, CHART can also include other data sources to tie your resources and performance together with:

  • Lab values, health assessments and biometrics.
  • Wellness program participation.
  • HRIS data.
  • On-site clinic utilization.
  • Social determinants of health.
  • Absence data.
  • Workers’ compensation.

What’s Next?

CHART is developing a holistic overview of each hospital’s employee population. Using the available data sources for each hospital and incorporating social determinants of health, CHART will soon offer a knowledge-based score that:

  • Identifies health and health care disparities by location or income.
  • Helps guide targeted communications based on member preferred communication methods.
  • Closes health and wellness gaps based on your available resources or community resources.
  • Drill down and filter capabilities to pinpoint opportunities.

CHA member hospitals may enroll in this program. Email us for more information.



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Case Study

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A look at one hospital's benefit and biometric data reveals unexpected targets to improve employee health and reduce benefit costs.