Data Analytics & Research

We know you want to improve your organization’s quality and operational performance. We’re continually enhancing and integrating our available financial, operational and clinical data to help deliver on your strategies. Our children’s hospital data programs, along with our members’ collective knowledge of best practices, can move you toward solutions.

  • Pediatric Analytic Solutions

    The association’s Pediatric Analytic Solutions portfolio encompasses both care delivery and financial/operational hospital data. Children’s hospitals of various sizes can participate in our pediatric benchmarking data to improve their performance.

  • Claims and Health Analytics Resource Tool

    The Claims and Health Analytic Resource Tool, (CHART), organizes employee claims and related data to help hospital leaders identify areas of improvement in workforce health and productivity.

  • Health Services Research Academy

    The Health Services Research Academy is an education program for health care professionals of all fields and disciplines that wish to acquire the fundamental skills to conduct health services research.

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