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  • April 28, 2021

Clinical Bundles Improve Outcomes for Patients with Sepsis

Compliance creates progress in pediatric sepsis.

Improving Pediatric Sepsis Outcomes (IPSO) is a national collaborative of children’s hospitals that aims to improve pediatric sepsis outcomes through early identification and timely treatment. IPSO members contribute to the largest pool of clini­cal pediatric sepsis data in the U.S., and their work continues to show progress.

Recent analysis of the collaborative’s data suggests comply­ing with IPSO-recommended clinical bundles helps to significantly improve patient outcomes. Clinical teams use the bundles, a set of collaborative-defined five key processes.

The collaborative recommends using at least one of the three recognition processes—sepsis screening, a sepsis huddle or order set utilization—and focusing on timely administration of first fluid bolus and first IV antibiotic.

Participant data demonstrates con­sistent use of the IPSO-defined bundles results in better outcomes. Bundle compliance reduced sepsis-attributable mortality and hospital days.

Sepsis-attributable mortality is 48% lower in compliant episodes than in non-compliant episodes. Median hospital days per sepsis episode are 33% lower in compliant episodes than in non-compliant episodes. Hospitals can use the formula to improve care.


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