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  • May 19, 2021

Communication App Streamlines Referral Process For Pediatric Providers

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Children’s hospitals use innovation to drive operational efficiencies and provide high-quality patient care.

Children’s hospital providers are faced with increasingly competitive environments every day. With all else being equal—care and service, referrals are being sent to providers who are the quickest and easiest to reach. Access, availability and responsiveness are key for increasing provider and patient family satisfaction. 

But the concept of access can be daunting for providers. Being too accessible can cause burnout, and it’s important to protect time off. Children’s hospitals are now taking strategic approaches to “stay sticky” with referring providers and choosing technology solutions to bridge the gap. 

PH Connect, Proficient Health’s provider-to-provider communication app, makes it simple to reach the right provider—every time.

“PH Connect is exactly what we have been looking for over the last several years,” says David Seo, M.D., vice president and chief information officer at Nicklaus Children’s Health System in Miami. “We needed a solution that made it simple to refer patients to our hospital. This is a win-win for patients and providers.” 

Seo says the integration with the hospital’s call schedules and electronic medical record system will streamline the processes even further to ensure providers are delivering the highest quality patient care.

Mark Scheurer, M.D., chief, Children’s and Women’s Services at MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital in Charleston, S.C., says PH Connect makes it easier for clinicians statewide to reach his team, all while reducing call center volumes and operating costs. 

“A general practitioner concerned about whether a patient might need emergency care could use the app to connect with an on-call specialist for advice, even before the patient leaves the exam room,” Scheurer says. “Those types of timely discussions can lead to faster treatment.” 

PH Connect streamlines access, improves the direct admission process and makes referrals easier and more efficient. Duplicate tests, unnecessary diagnostics and unnecessary hospital stays can also be avoided. All of this leads to better patient care, increased overall productivity and satisfaction of physicians and other staff and widespread user adoption. 

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