Children's Hospitals Today, Winter 2016

This issue of Children's Hospitals Today features articles on employees' physical and mental health, wellness and safety; how mobile devices and apps are empowering patients; and how hospitals use germ-zapping robots to slay superbugs.


Helping Employees Stay Physically Healthy on the Job
More employees are injured on the job in the health care industry than any other. Supporting employees with programs that address their health helps them focus on delivering better care.

Strategies for Supporting Employees' Mental Health
In addition to looking after employees' physical health while on the job, hospitals should also offer support for employees' mental health.

The Toll Injuries Take on Employees
OSHA statistics on employee injuries on the job and how much it costs hospitals.

Use Benefit Program Data to Help Employees be Healthy
To help employees take care of themselves so they can best take care of pediatric patients, children's hospitals can use benefit program data as a guide for improvement opportunities.

New Technologies Help Providers Collect Patient Data
Today's mobile devices are empowering consumers to measure and track their health—and they will collect more data about themselves than ever before. To move into the future, providers need to understand the new technologies and their implications.

Devices and Apps in Health Care: What's at Stake?
What Apple and Google's entries into the health care arena mean for pediatrics.


Join the Fight Against Pediatric Sepsis with New Collaborative
Sepsis kills more than 4,500 children annually in the U.S., with higher mortality than cancer. Of the 40,000 children diagnosed with sepsis each year, 38 percent of those who survive sustain lifelong disability. As a community of children’s hospitals, we can improve their prognosis through early detection and timely treatment.

5 Ways to Save $60 Million on a Capital Project
Every dollar saved on a major capital project is an opportunity to further enhance patient services and outcomes.

A CEO Perspective on Population Health Survey Findings
Population health survey findings present a first look at children's hospitals' efforts.

A Pioneer in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Meet the every day hero: Francois Luks, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatric surgeon at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, R.I., is a pioneer in minimally invasive surgery and endoscopic fetal surgery.

CHA Members Stand Together as One Voice for Children
We begin a new year with gratitude for every participant in CHA. Your active role and membership demonstrate your dedication to children's health.

Case Study: Battling Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Johns Hopkins Children's Center successfully treated and put in remission a patient with a highly virulent form of tuberculosis.

Celebrating Public Policy Successes of 2015
Last year, children's hospitals made an impact on the congressional record.

Community Based Pediatric Palliative Care
Identifying a systems approach to the care of children with complex medical conditions through pediatric palliative and hospice care.

Germ-Zapping Robots Help Fight Superbugs
The latest germ-zapping technology is helping organizations reduce hospital-acquired infections.

How to Improve Care and Reduce Costs
Here's how Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital used care services data to make operational improvements.

Let's Talk About Measles and Vaccines
It is health care providers' responsibility to talk about measles and the MMR vaccine openly and to engage all opinions.

Study: NICU Patient Hearing at Risk
A new study uncovers a major cause of hearing loss in NICU infants.

Results of the Children's Hospitals Today Reader Survey
Thanks for helping us assess the big picture.

How the Gamification of Health Care can Help Patients
Jane McGonigal, game designer and author of SuperBetter, talks about how games can help people heal.

Why Elephants Don't Get Cancer
Why elephants rarely get cancer is a mystery that has stumped scientists for decades.

4-year-old Child Advocate Wise Beyond His Years
Elliot Perry, a participant in the 2015 Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy Day, lives life to the fullest.


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