Children's Hospitals Today, Summer 2018

The summer issue of Children's Hospitals Today features articles on safe sleep practices and SIDS prevention, cognitive bias and quality and patient safety strategies.

Cover story

Wake-up Call: Improving Safe Sleep Practices
Thousands of babies still die each year from SIDS. A safe sleep environment, inside and outside the hospital, can prevent these deaths. 


The Biased Brain
Humans make 35,000 decisions each day. How do we know if they're the right ones? Here's a look at cognitive bias and how it can impact decision making in health care.

4 Ideas to Improve Quality and Safety
Dedicated teams are overcoming the quality challenges facing their children's hospitals. Here's how. 



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Children's Hospitals Today, the Children's Hospitals Association quarterly magazine, features articles on issues of interest to administrators, clinicians, trustees and others concerned with child health care and children's hospitals.