Children's Hospitals Today, Spring 2020

The Spring 2020 issue of Children's Hospitals Today features articles on leadership, behavioral health strategies, and how hospitals are engaging emergency medical service (EMS) providers. Plus, the issue features special coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.


6 Leadership Styles and When to Use Them
Looking beyond health care for inspiration, find ways to bring other philosophies into your repertoire to drive success at your hospital.


Urgent Care: Hospitals Support EMS Providers
Here's how one hospital is partnering with local emergency services to improve outcomes and ensure patients and families get the support they need.

3 Behavioral Health Strategies
From telemedicine to primary care provider training, here are examples of how children's hospitals are improving mental and behavioral health outcomes for pediatric patients. 


Create Connections: Leading During a Pandemic
Organ Delivery By Drone
From Scalpels to Sharpies: Surgeon Shows Creativity
Voices of Reason: Podcast Informs the Masses
The Path Ahead: Lessons from COVID-19
Finding a Cure for Kawasaki Disease
Monitoring Pediatric Patients for Sepsis
Sisters with Rare Disease Find Treatment Close to Home




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