Children's Hospitals Today, Spring 2015

This issue features articles on recreational marijuana legalization and the impact on child health and safety, the changing face of the children’s hospital C-suite, and a piece about population health.


Marijuana Legalization and the Effects on Child Health and Safety
As marijuana-laced candies, edibles and treats hit the market, child health and safety issues are emerging. Here’s how one children’s hospital is helping shape and influence the issue.

Marijuana Legalization and Staying on Message
As the first to legalize marijuana use, all eyes are on Colorado, which has resulted in an immense amount of media attention. Here's how one children's hospital found it's voice.

The Changing Roles of the Children’s Hospital C-suite
With shifts in health care comes new ways of thinking and new ideas for how care is delivered. To adapt, evolve and thrive, children’s hospitals are tapping different types of leaders to be agents of change for their organizations.

Evolving Leadership Roles in Children’s Hospitals
Here's a closer look at the key influences impacting C-suite roles in children's hospitals.

Children’s Hospitals Lead the Way With Population Health Initiatives
Children’s hospitals are working together and partnering with local organizations to improve the health of communities.

The Future of Autism Care for Children
Better care coordination, new diagnostic technology and earlier interventions are helping providers change the long-term outcomes of autism.  


The Emotional Side of Being a Children’s Hospital CEO
It’s hard to prepare for this side of the job. Here’s how one leader learned how.

Surgeon Brings Hope to Heart Transplant Patients
Some superheroes don’t have capes—they don scrubs. At least that’s the case for Cleveland Clinic Children’s Robert D. Stewart, M.D., a staff pediatric and congenital heart surgeon and surgical director.

A Global Rate for Diabetes Care
Here’s how one hospital aligned payment with continuous access to care.

Finding a Creative Outlet While Recovering From Illness
While sidelined by a recovery, this 10-year-old’s creativity found an outlet.

Make Sure Patients and Families Find the Right Info Online
When patients and parents want health information, they often turn to the Internet. Let’s make sure they’re finding the right sources.

Medical Students Mentor Hospital Patients
A tutoring program pairs medical students with patients and helps build confidence, friendships and lifelong memories.

Working With Both Political Parties to Advance Children’s Health
It’s not a red or blue, but a national issue. We must work with all policymakers to advance children’s health care.

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