Children's Hospitals Today, Fall 2019

The fall 2019 issue of Children's Hospitals Today features articles about helping employees find resilience, encouraging the next generation of works, and taking action to prevent patient harm.


Help Hospital Employees Find Resilience
Children’s hospitals can take steps to improve employee resiliency as the industry faces a rise in burnout.


Encouraging the Next Generation of Hospital Workers
Children’s hospitals are working to attract and recruit tomorrow’s health care workers through educational programs and internships.

Take Action to Prevent Pediatric Patient Harm
How a children’s hospital leveraged its infrastructure to put a thermal injury risk assessment into action and improve patient outcomes.


What's driving staffing trends?
Culture Change Helps Hospital Go 5 Years Without a CLABSI
Suicide Rates in Young Females on the Rise
A Pediatric Leader’s Perspective on the Vaping Epidemic
Patient Describes Her Mental Health Struggle: “No one knew what to do with me”
Q&A: Data Visualization Expert Ryan Sleeper
New Blood Test for Heart Transplant Patients
Strategies to Help Families Improve Appointment Adherence
Doctor Fights Leukemia with a Samurai Spirit
Commentary: Our National Children’s Hospital Community


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