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  • October 27, 2017

Board Member Q&A: Kimberly Cripe

Kimberly Cripe
Kimberly Cripe

After joining the team at Children's Hospital of Orange County in 1991, Kimberly Cripe was named president and CEO in 1997. She began serving her first term on CHA's Board of Trustees in 2015.

Motto: This may sound corny, but I try to abide by the Golden Rule. I also try to celebrate life and view each day as a gift.

I'd never: break a commitment.

Traits you value in a colleague: Integrity, intelligence, drive, commitment, sound judgment and critical thinking skills. I appreciate colleagues who are willing to provide candid feedback and shoot it straight.

Three words that describe your leadership style: Visionary, courageous, fair

Favorite childhood memory: Saving enough money to buy a horse and riding often!

Biggest fear: I worry about not having enough time to do all I want to do or enough time to accomplish everything I want to accomplish.

Biggest weakness: Sometimes I take on too much and set unrealistic expectations for myself. And, chocolate!

Pet peeve: People who don't tell the truth or withhold important information

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